Key Responsibilities

  • Recruiting, organising and inspiring supporters
  • Researching fundraising opportunities and writing grant applications to charitable trusts or statutory bodies
  • Building relationships with major donors or companies
  • Preparing and delivering presentations
  • Managing information and recording the profile and fundraising activity of donors on a database
  • Managing your own budget and ensuring targets are met
  • Ensuring major donors or companies are happy with their donation scheme and are kept informed of the progress and key milestones.
  • Developing and organising fundraising campaigns and events
  • Spotting fundraising opportunities and raising awareness of the stations work


Key Skills

Both verbal and written communication skills are important for the role. You will also need to build long-term relationships with potential supporters or volunteers and persuasively explain the radio stations cause to them.



Research skills

You will need to be good at researching and devising strategies, as well as spotting and taking advantage of donation opportunities.

Strong budget management skills, organisation skills and IT skills are also important as they will all support you to achieve the fundraising targets you’re aiming for. In addition, you’ll need to have a keen interest in, commitment to, the cause you’re raising money for.



You’ll typically need experience in fundraising for the role. However, prior experience in similar areas such as marketing or sales can also be considered as a substitute as they require many of the same skills.

Knowledge of the community, not-for-profit and the charity sector is essential in this role.


This role is commission based at 20% for the full term of each sponsorship/funding obtained.


Funding/Sponsorship at £1,000* per month

Pay-out £200 per month


One off funding/sponsorship will see pay-out of 20% of the full amount given


Funding/Sponsorship at £10,000*

Pay-out £2000


The funding will be paid for every funding/sponsorship obtained at 20% for each one

*Pay-out will vary on funding/sponsorship obtained and only run for the period agreed by the donors


The working hours are flexible and can be done around other work, social and family commitments. However, you will need to attend occasional meetings and give regular progress of your work.


Flexible working hours to fit around other commitments, no pressure on deadlines, working remotely, pay-outs made for full term of each funding/sponsorship agreement.


Apply For The Role


All applications for this role must be received by Friday 31st March 2023