We broadcast to a potential audience of up to 200,000 listeners across North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire. Royston Radio is a community radio station, run by volunteers, dedicated to serving our local community. We operate as an independent Community Interest Company (CIC), separate from corporate ownership





Advertising on community radio offers several unique benefits that can enhance your business's marketing strategy:

  1. Local Reach and Targeted Audience:

    • Community radio stations cater to specific local areas, allowing you to target your advertising to the community you want to reach. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely on local customers.
  2. Cost-Effective:

    • Advertising on community radio is generally more affordable than on larger commercial stations. This makes it a viable option for small and medium-sized businesses with limited marketing budgets.
  3. High Engagement:

    • Community radio listeners tend to be highly engaged and loyal to their local station. This means your advertisements are more likely to be heard and remembered by the audience.
  4. Support for Local Media:

    • By advertising on community radio, you are supporting local media, which in turn strengthens your brand's image as a community-focused business. This can foster goodwill and positive public relations.
  5. Niche Markets:

    • Community radio often caters to specific demographic or interest groups. If your product or service aligns with these niche markets, you can effectively reach a more relevant audience.
  6. Personalized Service:

    • Community radio stations often offer a more personalized service when it comes to creating and placing advertisements. You can work closely with the station to develop a message that resonates well with the local audience.
  7. Flexibility and Frequency:

    • With lower costs, you can afford to run your advertisements more frequently, increasing the chances of reaching your target audience multiple times. This repetition can significantly enhance brand recall.
  8. Enhanced Credibility:

    • Being associated with a trusted local media outlet can enhance your business's credibility. Listeners often trust the information and advertisements they hear on their favourite community radio stations.
  9. Event Promotion:

    • If your business is hosting or sponsoring local events, community radio is an excellent platform for promotion. Stations often have strong ties to local events and can help boost attendance and awareness.
  10. Creative Opportunities:

    • Community radio allows for creative and varied advertising formats. Whether it’s a traditional ad, a sponsored segment, or a community announcement, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to communicate your message.

Overall, advertising on community radio can be a strategic choice for businesses looking to connect with a dedicated and local audience in a cost-effective manner.


As a community radio station, advertising with us not only promotes your local business to our listeners but also reinvests the cost of your advertisement back into the station and our community initiatives. By choosing to advertise on Royston Radio, you are supporting our efforts to serve and enhance the local community. Your investment supports a non-profit, honest community radio station dedicated to providing media services and support to the surrounding area.


Curious about the costs of advertising on Royston Radio? You might be pleasantly surprised by our affordable and cost-effective options:


  • 30-second audio advertisement played a minimum of 6 times a day: £200 per month (including a banner advertisement on the website: £250 per month).


  • 30-second audio advertisement played a minimum of 10 times a day: £270 per month (including a banner advertisement on the website: £300 per month).


  • Banner advertisement on the website only: £100 per month.


We also offer various other deals, including show sponsorships. We would be delighted to discuss customized advertising solutions that fit your budget over a cup of tea.

Above is a visual diagram highlighting the primary listening areas in North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire, as indicated by our radio software. The darker regions represent areas with higher listenership, while the lighter regions show new areas where our outreach efforts are expanding our audience. This diagram demonstrates the extensive reach of advertisements on Royston Radio within the local area. We likely cover one of the largest areas compared to other local radio stations, given our location on the border of North Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire.

We work closely with the community to ensure our programming is engaging and resonates with our audience. Below, you will find not only the types of content the community desires but also statistics on the awareness and listenership of Royston Radio.


Survey Results From March 2024


Please note this survey was only taken in Royston and not our full outreach.



Have you heard of Royston Radio - 70%

Have you listened to Royston Radio - 62%


What would you like to hear on Royston Radio (Multiple Choice Question):


Music - 72%

Community Programming - 67%

Drama - 54%

News - 43%

Documentaries - 37%

Spoken Word - 18%

Live Music - 12%

Discussion - 11%


What type of music would you like to hear on Royston Radio (Multiple Choice Question)


Rock - 43%

Pop - 35%

Soul - 29%

Folk - 24%

R&B - 23%

Country - 21%

Jazz - 12%

Classical - 12%

Indie - 11%


When do you listen to radio (Radio in general not just Royston Radio)


Morning - 32%

Daytime - 37%

Evening - 31%


How do you listen to radio (Radio in general not just Royston Radio)


App - 35%

Smart Speaker - 26%

Website - 21%

FM/DAB - 18%



We are currently offering a special deal for all local businesses to test our advertising and see if it meets their needs. We are offering a special deal of three months of advertising played 4 times per day for £280.

This offer is available until 1st August, 2024.

For further inquiries or to schedule a discussion, please click the button below. Join the ranks of esteemed establishments already benefitting from reaching new customers through Royston Radio, such as Cream Of Royston, Revolution Records Royston, King James Public House Royston, The Dolphin Public House Melbourn, GJ Flooring of Royston, and numerous others. (Full List on Link below)