Royston Radio is a community-based project, thus in addition to providing a service to the community, we also depend on community support to maintain the service is open to all.


With over 90% of nearby residents utilising mobile devices or smart speakers, we determined that staying off FM or DAB would significantly reduce overhead costs for what would otherwise be an unnecessary expense.


This will keep our services available to a large number of listeners, while eliminating costs like these, is possible by utilising online resources and being a leader in community broadcasting in this field, much like how many larger media companies are attempting to put their online services in front of their terrestrial services.


Of course, even with significant savings like this, there are still a lot of expenses associated with radio broadcasting, but money may be obtained to sustain the station much more easily, with less stress or chance of closure, and to always be available for the community.


With your help, Royston Radio can provide opportunities such as training, local news, support for local charities and projects, a platform for residents to share their skills and interests, access to hear live events, and much more.


Royston Radio pledges to be a station for the community, by the community.


Our hosts are local residents, and the station is totally independent and not managed or owned by a larger media company.


We have a number of options for you to support Royston Radio listed below.


Benefits also include free access to local events, discounts on local products through companies supporting Royston Radio, free training in broadcasting, access to audio and video equipment, discount on merchandise, early access to features and lots more...



This is for station listeners who would like to support us but do not wish to participate or do not have the time to be involved.

£5, £10, £20 Donation



This is for anyone who wants to work with the station occasionally, such as producing three to six shows each year.

£50 per year



This is for anyone who wants to work with the station and produce regular shows.

£15 per month or £160 a year (roughly £13 a month)

£7.50 per month for people on benefits**


* - Both option two and three provide access to training and all the equipment required for studio-based or mobile broadcasting. It also covers complete show promotion along with artwork creation and branding.


** - Proof of benefits will need to be shown with a recent letter or documentation no older that 2 months. 


For more information fill in the form below or email: