Emelie's Work Experience Diary

Published on 19 July 2023 at 13:39

I chose to do my work experience at Royston radio, as it was a great opportunity to work on my media skills!


Day 1, was great, everyone here was very welcoming. I got a tour of the studio and the community centre, I then saw what went on behind the scenes of the radio and how everything gets set up to ready to be broadcast. I then practised my interviewing skills for 20 minutes with Fonz and interviewed Coombes Manager Gillian so I was ready and prepared to do some interesting interviews with different people this week.


Day 2, we went down to the local shop No.3 and i interviewed Laura Whitford, the shop owner. She was lovely and made me feel very comfortable doing an interview with her. It really helped me with my interviewing skills and I definitely saw an improvement from my last interview.  

After this I met with a lovely lady called Naomi, she runs Dance Matters and also makes a Feel Good Friday show for Royston Radio, she went through her show and told me how it worked. It was very enjoyable. 


Day 3, My teacher came in and assessed what I had been getting up to, she said everything looked great! Then at 10am Sarah Childs from Royston Rockets BMX club came into the studio for an interview, and once again I felt even more confident talking to new people, I can definitely see an improvement in my social skills. After this, at 11am, I had an interview with Carl Filby, who makes a show called Filby’s Folk for Royston Radio. This went brilliantly and smooth. 

I ate my lunch and then Fonz and I went into the town centre and went around local charity shops, I gave the workers from the charity shops a quick interview and learnt about what they do and who or what their charity supports. 

Lastly, I went into a town council meeting and wrote some notes about what had been spoken about, learning about what goes on behind the scenes within the Community and it's events. 


Day 4, I woke up in my own time as I needed to be down at the fire station by 11:20. The Royston Radio team and I were very excited. I got a tour of the fire station and realised that there is definitely more inside then you would think! They even had a tuck shop. I tried on the uniform they wear and got my photo taken in front of the fire engine. I then did an interview with Watch Commander Ray Constant and learnt about the upcoming events that will be going on at the fire station. After this, Fonz and I went to the King James pub and I did a quick follow up interview with the manager about how the pub was getting on and how the community had reacted to the new pub. 

I then went home and had lunch, then came back to the studio and saw how Mr. Bamboozle prepared his show The Fat Jax Experience before it was ready for broadcasting. This again was very fun and I had a brilliant day. 


Day 5, it was my last day here at Royston radio. I came in at 9:45 and got started straight away, the first thing of the day was seeing how Peter Ross, who was new to the radio, set up his show and recorded it. Then I had my last interview with John Froggett wo owns The Accountancy Practice and has a Sunday show on the radio called Royston Rant. It went well, the progress from my first interview to my last interview was amazing to see. After this interview I got started with my own small show, I spoke about how my week went and included the interviews from this past week. I was a little nervous to record myself but I did it anyway and it sounded great. I then ate my lunch and waited for Sarah to come and visit me to say goodbye properly! 

It was an amazing experience and it really opened my eyes to the actual world of radio and media... it's definitely a lot more work than people think, but still very exciting. 


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